Business usage scenarios

The followings are sample provisioning scenarios depicting user identity and service provisioning topologies and provisioning requirements flows. They are not comprehensive or prioritized and there exist other possible valid scenarios.

Generally speaking, Provisioner can help a service provider automate its user and service provisioning tasks.

For example, an VoIP service provider can use Provisioner to create, modify and delete subscribers into its soft-switches, voice mail servers, e-mail servers, internet servers, etc.

Other example might be a mobile phone service provider that would use Provisioner to create, modify and delete mobile subscribers in its HLRs (i.e. Home Location Registry) for voice services, VMSC (i.e. Voice Mail Service Centre) for voice mail services, SMSC (i.e. Short Message Service Centre) for short message services, etc.

A particular case can be an internal IT department that would use Provisioner to automate the creation, modification and deletion of users and users' roles in its corporate directory, phonebook, e-mail address book, ERP system, PBX, mainframe, etc.