Donating to the project

The Provisioner continues to be actively developed. Each new version is the culmination of a great deal of time and energy in development, testing, documentation and user support.

While the Provisioner is being used within a number of open sourced projects, by far the majority of our user base is directly or indirectly making use of the Provisioner to support commercial applications and or commercial infrastructure.

We urge all of our users to please review the value that the Provisioner is providing to your organization. The Provisioner team develops and maintains the Provisioner on a volunteer basis, but the time and effort involved is real.

Please help us to keep the Provisioner project alive, free, and growing, by showing your appreciation and support for the project with a donation to the team.

We would also like to thank all of our users for the ongoing feedback which has helped us to continuously improve the Provisioner over time.


The Provisioner team.