Downloading Provisioner

The way you download Provisioner depends on how close you want to be to the “live stream”. Following are the release types that can be downloaded from the Provisioner download site , in increasing level of closeness to the SVN TRUNK stream (i.e.,Mainline ):

  • Latest release , used by most users in the market. These releases have little risk of surprises, yet those builds can be up to 6 months behind what is being worked on now. Example version numbers for these releases are 1.0.17 and 1.0.16.
  • Stable builds (so-called milestone builds), which are typically 6 weeks apart and deliver a major collection of stable features. These builds are moderately tested, making them reliable enough for the needs of most users. An example is Provisioner, which refers to the milestone 3 build of Provisioner 1.0.17.
  • Integration builds , done every week and sometimes more in case of failure or when closer to a release date. These builds integrate contributions from various Provisioner developers to test the collaborations. Build names start with the letter “I.”
  • Nightly builds , which provide a view of the contents of the SVN server’s TRUNK stream at midnight (UTC-0) each night. The build captures what was released at that instant. Build names start with the letter “N.”

    Each release or build has a corresponding set of build notes and test results . Be sure to consult these notes before selecting a given build. Automated test suites are run against the nightly and integration builds. Having a build pass the tests can increase the confidence level people have in them. In all cases, the builds are shipped as a compressed archive, and installation is a simple matter of unzipping them anywhere on your local machine.